Friday, 21 June 2013

Current Lipstick Storage

Hi there! I thought I'd do a post to show you my current lipstick storage.
Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight addiction to lipstick. My collection ranges from highend to drugstore and from lipsticks to lip crayons. Before I bought my current storage I had them stored in my make up drawer in a little square compartment which wasn't really ideal as I couldn't see  which was which etc.
However the muji drawers and lipstick stand I got off amazon are the perfect solution. I do have to admit that I am running out of room though and may have to invest in another one stand or bigger drawers!
The stand holds 24 lipsticks and then I keep all my lip crayons, balms, liners, stains and other bits in the drawers below.
I absolutely love my lippies being so handy when I do my make up and I love the look of them all on display.

As always thanks for reading! Xx