Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Favourites

Cant believe we're at the end of May already! Swear its flown by! 
I've bought quite a lot of make up/products this month so had a job choosing a few select bits that have become staples in my routine but  managed to whittle it down to five for ya.
Anyways, I thought I'd show you what I've been loving this month.

£4.50 here

First off is a cult beauty product that I'm pretty sure every beauty blogger in the world has heard of, Bioderma! I have been using this religiously for the last few weeks to remove my makeup. I find it really gets every scrap off my face and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. Its amazing for getting stubborn mascaras off easily aswell!

I bought this waaaaay back in December but never really got into it, however I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and am loving it. It says it will de-fluff, tame flyaways and de-frizz, All of which it does. I spray this on towel dried hair before I blow dry it an it really makes my hair smoother, softer and less all over the place, meaning I dont have to straighten it nearly as much which is something I'm trying not to do as my hairs pretty dry at the moment.

£22 here

OMG I love this purfume. I got a sample of this in a Glossybox last month? Maybe the one before? I absolutely adore the scent. I'm terrible at describing smells so im not going to attempt to but I think this is perfect for summer and I can see myself having to repurchase this over and over!

£19.10 here

Although this one was a little on the pricey-er side for a lippy it is definitely worth the money! Its a really rich moisturising balm which depending on skin colour etc comes out a dark sheer pink on the lips. I absolutely adore this and wear it everyday. I have no idea how it works and why the colouring is different on each person but I love it!

£4.49 here

This is another product I got in a recent Glossybox. At first I was a bit scared by the colour being it so bright and much darker than any other blusher I own. The first few times I used it I wasn't sure about it as I felt it looked a bit too much. However since trying it again I have found it look really pretty. A little goes a long away and blended out on the apple of the cheeks I think it looks really pretty and feminine. 

So there you have it, there's my top 5 picks from May. I hope you've enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! 

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