Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Natural Collection Clear Mascara

£1.99 at Boots

If you've read my previous posts, you'll know that up until about 6 months ago I had never even been near my eyebrows with any sort of product other than tweezers. However these days I cant go a day without filling them in and adding some definition. I've tried and tested various products to fill them in with including the MUA brow kit and the Look Beauty brow kit. However I have now settled on a not so budget friendly combination of MAC's Espresso eyeshadow and MAC's 266 brsuh. I really do think that this brush makes a huge difference, as it allows a more precise application.
I've always wanted the shape of brow that has a point at the top, and it very angled. Unfortunately for me I was not blessed with 'angled' brows and seem to have drawn the short straw with thick, dark hairs that dont grow in a particulary 'groomed' fashion. For ages I used the brow gel that came with the Look Beauty brow kit to set my brows into my desired shape. However this didnt dry to a matte finish and so I was left with shiny, greasy looking eyebrows.
I have recently discovered 2 things though, 1, if plucked and shaped properly, my natural brow shape is quite nice, and 2 is Natural Collections Clear Mascara.
This product is so cheap and does such a good job as a brow gel (am yet to try it as a mascara). It dries to a matte finish, is very natural and doesnt even look like you have setting product in your brows. Its so affordable and keeps them pesky hairs in line all day long! Overall a massive thumbs up from me!


  1. Great recommendation - the idea of paying a fortune for an eyebrow gel doesn't appeal to me, so I might try this instead :o). Xx

    1. I'm the same! Why pay a fortune when cheaper products do the same thing! Xx

  2. nice post

  3. I am currently experimenting with different eyebrow pencil but I haven't yet found my favourite one.. I like the idea of using clear mascara for my eyebrows and I will definitely be giving this one a try:) Thanks for sharing,❤

  4. I nominated you for The Sunshine Award, visit my blog to find out more!

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  5. i in general very much agree with you. i don't like the trend that only certain brands are worth it or that the more you pay the more you get in terms of quality. but i lately find that some "regular", "basic" mascaras don't do much for me as for thikening and volumizing my lashes. very nice to read such a good review though.