Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Craziest 24 hours of my life!

OMG, where do I even start? I've never had such an eventful day/night in my whole 18years. Everything i did, karma bitch slapped me in the face. LITERALLY. 
It's been even mental-er than the time my dog licked me in the eye and I go conjunctivitis... moving swiftly on.

Monday night is student night in our local town, so me and a few friends dolled ourselves up and tottered to Watford in our heels, we were all having a laugh, and like most nights out that we have, were pretty drunk. It's was all fine until 3 of us didnt get into a club the others had already gone in. So the three of us went to another bar, where we some how got free entry, a free bottle of bubbly and free shots. And this was all after we told them we didn't get into Oceana cos we were too drunk, so god knows why they fed us free alcohol... 
We the left and I lost the other two, so being drunk and on my own i did what I do best and went and cried in the kebab. I made friends with some of the people in there and as I went to leave I accidentally walked into some girls boyfriend. She shouted at me to say sorry, so I did. Then as I left she started 'givin it large' so me being me (getting cocky and thinking i was funny) mimicked her, so she punched me in the face ha! 
I then cried some more and phoned almost everyone in my address book to come and pick me up, luckily someone did and I ended up trying to piece the night back together with a very sore head the next morning. 

The next day I was reunited with my friend Tori where we did some reminiscing and I found out I'd told her I was going to London with tommy, hence why we'd lost each other. Except I didn't go to london and don't know who tommy is... 
Anyway. We went for the standard McDonald's hangover cure and decided to go on the motorway to get home. BIG MISTAKE! We were stuck in standstill traffic for 2 hours, before we run the car battery down and my car wouldn't start. 
So just picture the situation for me if you will, two hungover girls who know nothing about cars, stuck in verrrrry slow moving traffic, in a car that wouldn't start. Hmmmmmm. Tori phoned her dad as mine wasn't answering and he said to use the SOS phone on the hard shoulder to phone for help. Now for some unknown reason, instead of walking to the phone like any normal person, I ran. And I can't run at the best of times, let alone when I'm hungover, panicking and running past 4 motorway lanes of traffic, so I must have looked rediculous. 
The nice SOS people sent some people to push my car off the motorway and then left us. I had no break down cover so I had to spend £146.74 on joining the AA so we could be rescued, they said they'd be under an hour. 
We were sat there for 3.5 hours. 
We had a laugh though. We made a sign on my ipad saying 'bugger' and stuck it to the window to see how many laughs we could get...
It got dark during this time and then my hazard lights stopped working, meaning we had to get out of the car in the cold as anyone coming down the hard shoulder wouldn't see us. Lucking we were rescued and jump started about 15 mins later. 
So all in all, it took us about 7 hours to get a McDonald's. 
Rediculously crazy, stressful, hilarious 24 hours where literally everything went wrong.
You can't make that shit up. 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Instagram Life #1

-Breakfast at work- scrambles eggs, bacon and tomatoes. 
-Off to London with red lips. 
-Per-drinks for a night out with friends. 
-Gave my little red car a wash.
-Made my own DIY lipscrub. (post coming soon).
-Rimmel Precious Stones nail polish in Diamond Dust.
-Cuppa tea to start the day.
-Horifically hungover.
-Vain moment, messing around with picfx.
-3 for £12 on Lee Stafford products in Boots!
-Caught eating the stock in the sweetshop.
-Christmas stocks arrived!
-Decorating the Sweet Shop.
-My Police Declaration...
-New winter boots.
-Homemade French fancies at work.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner (yayyyy!) so I've been busy making my Christmas Wish List. I think I'll probably treat myself to some of it when I'm next paid though! 

 1- These Topshop t-shirts have been doing the rounds on the blogging world and I absolutely adore them! Their so cute! I love the rolled up sleeves, the colour and the old school vibe! Santa, take note ;) 

2- I love any sort of 3D animal ring, at this is certainly not an exception! He's so cute! He's also £12.50 from Topshop which i think it slightly expensive, but maybe thats just me?

3- OMG I've wanted this Model's Own set for so long! They teamed up with Hedkandi, and although all the polishes are quite summery, I love them all, espesh the bright orange! 

4- Dasiy by Marc Jacobs, Eau So Fresh. So desperate for a re-purchase of this. I was given this for my birthday a couple of years ago, and have just recently finished the massive bottle, the scent is absolutely gorgeous and I like to think its my signature smell ;) 

5- Sigma make up brushes. I've read soooo many good reviews on these and have decided I need these in my life! I'm pretty sure they'll beat my old ones and even better, THEY'RE PINK!

6- I've wanted a pair of Nike Blazers for ages but been trying to figure out what colour,however when I saw these i knew that this was the one! Trainers in hot pink, what could be better?!

7- Such a gorgeous leather jacket! Its from Rare and I absolutely love the stud detailing on the collar, I think this is a definite purchase when my next pay packet enters my bank account! 

8- I saw this dress a whole ago on the Select website and in the sale, but they did t have it in my size :( 
howeverrrrrr, I had a look today and BINGO! There was my size, I'm just hoping it stays there until the beginning of next month when I'll have the money to spend on it! 


Friday, 23 November 2012


The cafe where I work over looks the fields of stables, and whilst I should have been working I couldn't resist taking some snaps as it looked so beautiful. Enjoy!xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Review- Soap and Glory, Arch de Triumph

I've always been a fan of Soap and Glory's products, but have never really branched out into their make up range. This was until I saw it in Boots and decided to take advantage of the 'buy one get one half price' offer. So in the end I got their brown pencil and liquid eyeliner for £11 which I thought was pretty good! 
Anyway, on to the product. I have never in my life used a brow pencil, I always thought that they were thick and dark enough already. However when I saw this I thought I'd give it a go and in glad I did! I really like it! It soooo easy to use which is useful for some one as useless as me! The dark end on the pencil is almost too hard, but this works to its advantage as it means you don't end up with un-natural looking brows which you may if it was a creamy formula. The highlighter however, is creamy which means its nice and 'smudge-able' and blends well. 
I don't think I have any dislikes about this product, I was worried I was going to end up with a 'scouse brow' look, but its actually pretty natural, a good purchase if you ask me! 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lil' bit of life

Anyone who knows me knows I'm an absolute nightmare. I'm clumsy, cringey, slightly awkward, ridiculously loud and lacking in almost all common sense. Because of all this, my life is what some may call amusing... This week has been particularly bad on the 'making a complete arse of myself' side. 

I managed to get a police declaration due to the cash machine swallowing my card just before I was about to pay for a full tank of petrol, this meant that I couldn't pay and therefore had to spend about half an hour filling out a form with questions on like 'what body shape was the person?' and 'do they have any distinguishing features?'. Obvs the form was supposed to be filled out by the person working at the petrol station but he obviously couldn't be bothered so i was left trying to work out if my ski slope nose counted as a 'distinguishing feature'... 

I also managed to cover the walls and window of the cafe I work in with ketchup after shaking it from side to side whilst dancing along to the radio. I didn't realise the lid wasn't on and therefore when I shook it to one side (baring in mind I was dancing quite vigorously due to the cafe being empty) it covered the window, and then shook it to the other, it covered the wall and also my cream polo shirt. It was a proper 'TO THE WINDOWSSSS, TO THE WALLSSSSS' moment.

I also hopelessly tries to flirt with a bar tender which backfired and left me £8 out of pocket and with eight shots of a mixture of apple and raspberry sours... WHO ORDERS APPLE AND RASPBERRY SOURZ IN THE SAME SHOT?!


I don't know whats wrong with me, I'm basically just a complete moron...
Hehe, xx   

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Review-Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream

I've never actually used a tinted moisturiser before and I'll be the first to admit I didn't really see the point of them before I jumped on the bandwagon! However, having been thinking about giving my skin a break due to what seems like a constant breakout of spots and blemishes, when I saw this on offer in Tesco's I decided to take the plunge, and I love it! It feels much lighter on the skin and I certainly don't feel caked in makeup! Due to its light reflecting and colour pigments it gives you a really gorgeous glow and evens out skin tone well, which I have been complemented on a fair few times. It gives a good enough coverage to replace my foundation for day to day occurrences (shopping, working etc)  Although if I was going on a night out, or to a special occasion I'd deffinately go back to my trusy L'oreale Perfect Match foundation for a full coverage.
And here's a little before and after for you, xx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Number 1

I've always loved the idea of writing a blog. A little part of the Internet to let off steam and write about things I love, so here it is! this is my little bit of the World Wide Web. Whether anyone will actually read it or not, who knows! But if you do, then thank you! I like the idea of making this a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. I want to write reviews and share some of my favourite products and outfits with all yous beautiful people! So here goes...