Friday, 26 July 2013

Current Beauty Must Haves

I thought I would do a post on my current beauty must haves as there are some bit and bobs that have really become staple items in my routine recently. The things I have chosen are mostly beauty 'tools'  rather all than actual products, but each one I've been using a lot recently so thought I would share with you:)

The first one is my tangle teaser. Oh my god this thing is amazing! I put off buying one for so long as I didn't really get the hype and wasn't sure how brilliant a plastic hair brush which looks pretty similar to the ones you used to get with barbies would be. But oh how wrong I was. This detangles my hair so easily, which is impressive as its so thick and knotty. I have deffinately noticed a decrease in breakage aswell which is fab! It leaves my hair so soft and lovely, I love it!

The next item is my cosmopolitan beauty blender. I bought this cheaper alternative to the original beauty blender in tescos and its fab! I never properly got into it when I first bought it a few months back but rediscovered it a few weeks ago and it does such a fab job of blending my concealer, and it gives a really smooth flawless finish!

Next up is my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I am a complete sucker for the Real Techniques range and own all of them apart from maybe 4? This brush is deffinately one of my favourites from the range as it applies my foundation so nicely. It gives me a really even coverage and blends it really nicely into my skin. I have also used this brush for cream Blushers before which it also works really well with.

This little baby I got in my stocking last year. It was invented by someone off of dragons den and it such a nifty little nail file! Due to the shape its so easy to achieve a lovely curved nail. I think I'd struggle going back to a regular nail file which doesn't auto automatically shape your nail. So thanks santa!

My final current beauty favourite the Some Like It Hot body exfoliator from Soap and Glory. This stuff is amazing! It leaves my skin feeling soooooo soft and it heats up as you rub it in. I love the smell of this and the whole concept of opening up the skins pores with the heat to really give your skin a good exfoliate!

I hope you enjoyed this post, as always thanks for reading :) xx


  1. Cute! Everyone keeps going on about these tangle teasers.. i really think i should invest in one :)


    1. You deffinately should,! Can't recommend them enough!:) xx

  2. i really want to try the tangle teaser, i have a hair brush and it just rips my hair out, so i really should invest!

    1. I've deffinately noticed a decrease in breakage since using it! Their deffinately worth a go:) xx