Tuesday, 15 October 2013

September Favourites

WOAHHH, bit late on the old favourites aren't i?! 
Anyway, this month I've bought far more products than necessary, my bank account is not happy! However this does mean that I have had a lot of new things to play with, resulting in a monthly favourites post! Yay!

First up is Soap and Glory's 'Hand Food'. This has been a saviour towards the end of this month. I get really dry skin on my hands when the winter starts approaching, and this year has been no exception. I got this in a Soap and Glory bundle as a gift for my birthday this year, and its been so so handy! It lives in my handbag and is perfect for when my hands are in need of a good moisturising! 

Next is a little sample of Dr Lipp's Original Nipple Balm for Lips. Sounds a bit bizarre eh?! This came in the September Glossybox and I'm so glad it did! It's a really thick consistency, which does feel quite sticky but it works wonders on dry and chapped lips! Definitely buying a full size one asap!

Another lip product, this one is the long awaited Baby Lips by Maybelline. Having just launched here in the UK, these have been on every beauty blog this month, but they are fab! This one Peach Kiss, is definitely my favourite, really moisturising and I love the subtle shimmer it adds.

Next is another Soap and Glory product. 'You Won't Believe Your Eyes' is an eye cream that brightens a 'de-puffs'. Working 5-6 days a week means I'm always fairly tired, and this has really helped to make it less noticeable. Its feels lovely applying it due to the 3 metal roller balls, making it really cooling and perfect for first thing in the morning. 

Continuing along the lines of eye brightening, I've also been loving Benefit's Ooh La Lift eye brightener. This really makes such a difference and has been so handy this month with my crazy workload. I use it by applying 3 dots under my eyes using the doe-foot applicator and pat it in using my ring finger. 

Lastly for my September faves is this Rimmel Blusher. I've never tried Rimmel's blush's before but was pleasantly suprised by this one called Live Pink (No. 050). Is a really pretty pink rose gold shade, and has been really flattering with my sadly fading (very slight) tan. And its so budget friendly! Such a bonus!



  1. Lovely post :)

    I tagged you to do an autumn tag!
    Check it out on my blog :)



  2. Hey Lisa! Just found your blog and I love it! I will subscribe and really hope that you pass by mine and start commenting on each other and to get to know one another!
    Soap & Glory is not sold where I live but I got my hands on the Supercat eyeliner and committed to it ever since. Never tried anything else from them though, what would you suggest me to try?
    I as well have a Rimmel blusher from the same line as yours but a little more on the red-ish side and can't complain.
    The under eye product seems cool! I now have one by Eucerin with the same effect and I quite like it but never remember to use it..lol!
    Could you please explain the nipple thing to me? I know it probably is a joke but, english not being my first language, I don'tr get it..
    Hopefully talk to you soon! Hugs and congrats on your nice blog!