Thursday, 20 December 2012


I have read a rediculous amount of review on Lipcote, but until now I never actually tried it. 
Lots of people have said that it stung, was drying, made lipstick peel off and just generally didnt do its job very well. 
However, I have to say that I disagree with all of the above. I bought this after buying a red lippy that I wanted to last on a night out, after reading all the reviews I wasn't really sure if I was going to love it or hate it.
I followed the instructions which I read on almost all blog reviews of this product which are as follows: liner, blot, lippy, blot, lippy, blot, Lipcote. 
The product works best on dry lips, which is why the blotting is so essential. I applied this to my lips twice, letting it dry in between. It does sting ever so slightly, but only for about 2 minutes. It's also essential to keep your lips parted for about 15 minutes which this dries and sets properly. 
I test drived this on a festive meal I made with the girls. I put it on at around 2.00pm and took it off around midnight. I between this time I drank and ate a lot. And although the end result is far from perfect when you think that this was on for ten hours and I ate a whole christmas dinner I'm pretty impressed. 

Have you tried Lipcote? Did you get along with it?

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