Monday, 17 December 2012

Review-Maybelline Colour Sensational Popstick

It has to be said, this is hands down the most pointless product at I have ever bought!
Being a typical girly girl I was deffinately drawn to the fact the bullet of this lipstick is pink and glittery!
What Maybelline say about this product,

'Fresh colour meets a smooth shine.' 
'Our crystal clear formula creates a tempting tint. Fresh shine in a stick.' 

I'm not quite sure if Maybelline are talking about the same lipstick here as I deffinately didn't get any colour payoff from this and there was certainly no 'tempting tint' in sight!
I will give to them that this product does give a shine to your lips, but no more than a lip balm would.
They do smell amazing however and the colour of the bullet is so lovely, hence why I bought it! 
I wouldn't rule out trying any of the other colours from this range as I have heard that some do give the tint that Maybelline promise. 

I bought mine from an online discount site, here for £1.99.
Have you tired any of these Popsticks?


  1. Maybelline lipsticks are usually fine but this product seems to look a little too transparent. thanks for the review.


    1. That's partly why I bought it as I thought it would be a good lippy, but its no different to a lip balm:( xx