Monday, 4 February 2013

Review- Look Beauty Brow Perfect

Ignore the fact my eyebrows are horrifically wonky...

Two months ago I would never have dreamed of filling in my eyebrows. Their pretty big and dark as it is and I never wanted to accentuate that. I was terrified that if I filled them in I'd end up looking like I was trying to channel the 'Scousebrow', which as I have mentioned before I cannot stand the look of. 
Howeverrrrrr, I was converted by the Soap and Glory 'Arch de Triumph' eyebrow pencil and whilst on the Look Beauty website the other day I popped this little nifty number in my basket. It retails for £11.99 however I got it during a half price offer so it was only £5.99, bargain! 
It has a selection of 7 different brow colours so there is guaranteed something to suit everyone. The kit also contains a small brush for applying, a pair of mini tweezers and an fixing gel. 
The colours are all very pigmented and have good lasting power. I'm also a fan of the fixing gel to keep brows tame all day. Unfortunately though the cute little tweezers are crap. They don't 'spring' like normal tweezers, once you pinch them together they the stay together. Also the brush is slightly too small for my liking and I fins it's difficult to use due to this. 
All in all though I am a fan of this kit and its deffinately made me want to try others like the Sleek and Benefit ones. 

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