Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner (yayyyy!) so I've been busy making my Christmas Wish List. I think I'll probably treat myself to some of it when I'm next paid though! 

 1- These Topshop t-shirts have been doing the rounds on the blogging world and I absolutely adore them! Their so cute! I love the rolled up sleeves, the colour and the old school vibe! Santa, take note ;) 

2- I love any sort of 3D animal ring, at this is certainly not an exception! He's so cute! He's also £12.50 from Topshop which i think it slightly expensive, but maybe thats just me?

3- OMG I've wanted this Model's Own set for so long! They teamed up with Hedkandi, and although all the polishes are quite summery, I love them all, espesh the bright orange! 

4- Dasiy by Marc Jacobs, Eau So Fresh. So desperate for a re-purchase of this. I was given this for my birthday a couple of years ago, and have just recently finished the massive bottle, the scent is absolutely gorgeous and I like to think its my signature smell ;) 

5- Sigma make up brushes. I've read soooo many good reviews on these and have decided I need these in my life! I'm pretty sure they'll beat my old ones and even better, THEY'RE PINK!

6- I've wanted a pair of Nike Blazers for ages but been trying to figure out what colour,however when I saw these i knew that this was the one! Trainers in hot pink, what could be better?!

7- Such a gorgeous leather jacket! Its from Rare and I absolutely love the stud detailing on the collar, I think this is a definite purchase when my next pay packet enters my bank account! 

8- I saw this dress a whole ago on the Select website and in the sale, but they did t have it in my size :( 
howeverrrrrr, I had a look today and BINGO! There was my size, I'm just hoping it stays there until the beginning of next month when I'll have the money to spend on it! 



  1. hulloooo, becca sent me here :) your blog is so cuttteeeeeeee :) also any easier way to get the sigma makeup brushes is, not sure if they have the pink ones but its just cheaper in terms of shipping. i get all of mine from there :) xx

    1. Ah thank you:) it's only very little at the moment:)
      Oooh, brilliant! Thank you! I shall have a look! Xx

  2. I love the dress! xx

    1. It's so pretty isn't it! Desperately hoping it stays there till I'm next payed!xx