Monday, 23 September 2013

Recent Skincare Buys

Skincare, skincare, skincare. Good god where do I start?! Skincare is something that, despite know a fair bit about makeup, I know hardly anything about. There are so many different types of products, so many different type of skin, and so many different application methods.
For my whole teenage life I've suffered with spots and blemishes. I've tried alot of high street products, but up until now had never tried anything more pricey. The other day whilst out shopping, I took myself to the Origins counter in John Lewis. I spoke to the lady there for a bit and she recommended the Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads and the Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask. I have been using these for the last couple of weeks and despite speeding £40 on them, I'm yet to see a difference. Obviously I'm fairly dissapointed by that but I will persevere and keep using them. The pads are the things I was really excited by, as from the woman's description, I really thought they would work. The mask I can see working in the long run. and she did say it would take 3-4 weeks for a noticeable difference, so hence I shall carry on with this routine. If anyone has any recommendations of what I could use to sort my skin out, or if you've had similar experiences, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Its such a shame that expensive products don't always work, especially skincare.

  2. hey sweet, thank you for the comments on my blag <3
    What a shame you are yet to see any results, i have heard great things about Origins Super Spot Remover (i am unsure if this is what you have already bought - it is around the £12.00 mark?) I love the La Roche-Posay Cleansing Foaming Gel which you can read about here. I love it and is pretty affordable too as it lasts aaaaaaaaages!

    Love | PixiRella x

  3. the spot remover has such a cute packaging too!