Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Revlon Lash Potion

£9.99 here

Recently I've become very attached to Benefit's They're Real. However at £19.50 a pop I'm keen to find a high street alternative that I love just as much.
I first saw this mascara in one of Fleur De Forces haul videos, and if I'm honest, it was the packaging that I noticed first. Its really pretty and girly and really caught my eye.
I sort of forgot about it until a few weeks ago when in Boots I saw it, as usual I was sucked in by the packaging and popped it in my basket.
Unlike most people I'm one of those who actually favours a plastic mascara wand over a brush, so I wasn'y sure how much I was going to love this. However I was plesantly suprised when I first used it at how long and thick it made my lashes look. Its got a triple groove wand which combs through the lashes leaving them clump free and long. Usually it takes a few goes for me to make my mind up about a mascara, but this one seemed lovely from the start. 

Unfortunately half way through the day I realised it had given me a baaaaad case of panda eyes. I've never really had an issue with mascara ending up under my eyes, and having loved this mascara so much when I applied it, I was very dissapointed.
I don't know if it would have made a difference had I not put it on my bottom lashes as well, but for me personally, I can't really be bothered to faff around with having to apply more that one mascara every morning.
Its such a shame because I really like this other than the panda eyes aspect, but for now I'm still on the hunt for a more budget friendly alternative to my holy grail, They're Real.


  1. I did a review of this yesterday and like you I'm not completely sold on it - it's good, but not brilliant for me at least. Xx

    1. I'm the same Charlotte! I like it but it's nothing special compared to other brands unfortunately xx

  2. hello beautiful!!!
    I have entered the blogging world.. addictive isn't it..
    ill be sure to read all your posts
    p.s lovely to see you on monday... in oceana
    haha xx

  3. The packaging looks so magical. It's a shame the product isn't that great though.

  4. wow..and talking about mascara brands!!! i'm mesmerized by your lashes in this pic and by the packaging on this thing! i'm currently obsessed with my new Kiko mascara i recently bought after being quite disappointed with all of the cheap brands mascaras i've tried in the past. i should totally remember myself to try this one out next time i need to buy a mascara!