Monday, 14 January 2013

Instalife #3

Hello :) 
I'm currently sat with my feet up watching the snow fall at work, oooh how cheesy! 
Anyway, thought I'd share a snippet of my life via Instagram with ya. 
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-Night out at Revs
-Cutest lil lab pup in the cafe
- Christmas bear! 
-Table all set for Christmas dinner
-Spent a good two weeks driving through this same flood on the way to work
-Chrimbo pressies! 
-Archie drooling over my turkey sandwich
-Along Came Betty Pure Pores Detox Mask
-Flats collection
-Tequila on NYE
-Catching up with friends from the yard and ending up in Watford clubbing...
-Cutest lil mouse ring!
-Night out at Winkers
-New phone case
-Mocha Choca Brownies whilst babysitting
-Off out for a meal with the gap year gals. 

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